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Protect your Solar Panels

Harnessing the power of the sun is an environmentally friendly way to cater to our energy needs. However, in Central Coast and Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia, pesky birds nesting under the panels can turn this green solution into a challenging issue. Our solar panel bird proofing system is designed to protect your valuable solar installation effectively.

Birds Nesting under Solar Panel on Central Coast

The Bird Issue with Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great source of warmth and shelter for birds. However, their nesting and droppings can cause significant problems, from damaging the wiring to reducing the panels’ efficiency and posing potential health risks.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing: The Solution

Our solar panel bird proofing solution is an ideal way to keep birds from nesting beneath your panels. The robust, weather-resistant mesh allows maximum sunlight penetration and is installed without causing any damage to the panels or environment.

Solar Panel proofing using Bird mesh on the Central Coast
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