Is it normal to have German Cockroaches in your kitchen?

Is it normal to have German Cockroaches in your kitchen?


Do you think it is normal to have cockroaches in your kitchen?

Would you be comfortable knowing that your favorite Bar, Restaurant or Cafe may think that it is normal?

This leads me to a story of a restaurant in the Newcastle area that I guarantee many of you have visited. They had given up on solving their cockroach problem and decided to call a painter in to paint the walls of the dining room black to make the cockroaches less visible.

This is obviously not the best solution and it resulted in the inevitable visit form the health inspector who was not impressed. It was at this point Clear-out Pest services were engaged to take control of the situation. We had the problem under control in a matter of days and they are now enjoying a pest free kitchen.

Here at Clear-out Pest we take quality control very seriously. We provide our customers with the Safest yet most effective pest control possible and through this we maintain our reputation for honest services at the highest quality.

We have a background in Hospitality & this gives us a unique insight into the problems that venues face.

  • Whether it is that persistent German Cockroach problem
  • A nasty Rat getting into their storerooms
  • Flies and mosquitoes bothering their patrons
  • Slug infestation in their Drains (YES THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS)

We have the solutions for any Pest problem.

We are not a spray and pray kind of service, our solutions are tailored to our clients needs.

The German cockroach Blattella germanica
The German cockroach is the most common cockroach in
houses and apartments in Australia Adults are about
15 mm long and first instar nymphs (that is, the first
nymphal stage) are about 3 mm long. They are able to
live and breed in the numerous cracks and crevices and
hiding places present in most kitchens, bathrooms and
living areas. Their small size means that they are initially
tolerated by human occupants, many of whom do not
recognise early nymphal stages as cockroaches. Their
rapid reproduction rate enables a few individuals to
become a pest problem over one season, as each female
produces a number of egg cases containing numerous eggs


Click to access 2004-11-12.pdf

German Cockroach

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