Ants Or Termites?

Ants or Termites?


Ant or Termite?

Have you seen ants flying around?

 There is a 50/50 chance they are not actually ants. They are termites.

Termites start to fly around this time everytime year – we call this “swarming” it’s basically a bunch of new kings and queens leave the nest looking for a nice new home…. Your home.

 How do we combat termites?
 First of all regular Inspections by a trained professional is a great way to get on top of any problems quickly. 

We also offer Baiting & monitoring programs where we place susceptible timbers in a station underground and periodically check for activity. If we find any, we swap out the timbers and replace them with a enough bait to wipe out the colony. Barrier treatments are also another great way to protect your home that basically involve us placing a chemical barrier around your home to prevent the termites from entering.


For more information on these options, please get in contact with the team at Clear-out Group.


Life Cycle
Termite colonies produce a reproductive caste when they have reached a certain size. These individuals consist of male and female termites that on warm humid nights usually fly away from the nest to mate and begin new colonies. After mating, individual pairs of termites build a new shelter to house a small number of eggs which will develop into the first workers and soldiers of the new colony. When this first brood is able to begin enlarging the new nest and feeding the queen she will begin to lay eggs almost continually rapidly increasing numbers in the colony. The nymphs of termites resemble adults. A colony of termites may consist of over a million individuals.

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Ants Vs Termites

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